We are a technology-first company that resolves the roadblocks in running a successful business online. We develop mobile-friendly solutions to enhance the accessibility of your products and services to your customers far and wide.

Innovative, impressive, and intelligent
mobile & web solutions

Web Application

Building effective and user-friendly web applications that will simplify complex structures and workflows in organizations of all scales and sizes.

Mobile Applications

Rolling out new-gen technologies to build handy and powerful mobile applications that achieve greater productivity and usability.

Custom Applications

Building tailor-made web applications to address the core pain points of your organization.

Cloud Server Management

Using leading cloud servers to deploy your website while ensuring that employee and customer data remain 100% secure and confidential.

Technology consultation

Experts on board help you figure out the latest technological innovations that can be deployed to amplify the overall usability of your application.

Website Building

Building easily navigable websites, that gains 10x more traction and drives sales at an impressive scale.

Make your business stand out with an
outstanding mobile application

iOS App UI / UX

Arkashya builds easy-to-use, simple yet effective applications that turn out to become game changers in the industry. Our designers ensure that the applications are accessible, navigable, and user-friendly to a great extent, making the usability of the application our top priority. At Arkashya we build applications that act as pioneers and trendsetters in the App Store.

Building applications that are bound to
rule the App Store
  • Incredible UX
  • Designed with a precise resolution to prevent
    loss of clarity
  • Create impactful signifiers
  • Design effective user-friendly touchpoints
  • Ensure that we practice one primary
    action on each screen
  • Build simple and non-techies friendly interfaces

Android App UI / UX

Arkashya aims at developing leading applications that turn out to be chartbusters in the Play Store. We ensure that the applications we build give the customers an enhanced and unified experience across multiple channels and platforms. Arkashya incorporates an adaptive UI as preferred and recommended by Google. We ensure that your brand puts out the most loved and used application in your niche.

Developing competitive and promising applications
for the Play Store
  • Building a responsive UI
  • Designing a highly-functional navigation system
  • Deploying well-developed notification windows
  • Enable & encourage swift and smooth swiping
  • Multiple tasks, multiple features – one system of action
  • Making contents in the application findable to customers
  • Optimizing the content of your application to become more searchable by top search engines

Comprehensive web solutions

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