Identifying a complex problem, viewing it from a design perspective, and giving it a UX/UI solution. That’s our mantra.

UX & UI Design

Digital Branding

Designing outstanding user experiences that are loved and used by all.

User Interface Design

Designs that are not just pleasant on the eyes but that are easy to use as well.

Digital Prototyping

Digital model of the product that is tested multiple times to enhance the end result and provide a better experience to the end-user.

User Experience Design

Creating an impeccable user experience that makes the application useable, navigable, scalable, and lovable.

Interaction Design

Designs that determine how, when and how much the application will communicate and respond to the end-users.


Eye-catchy illustrations that are appealing to the users. We ensure that the color palette is chosen based on the style guides to ensure overall consistency in the UI.

Our Process

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User Research

In-depth research is carried out on the preferences, requirements, expectations, and needs of the end-users before we start building the UI.

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Custom workflow is established based on the organizational hierarchy and the functional requirements of your business.

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Once the foundational workflow is approved, we work on constructing the screen function and navigation for the users.

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GUI & Prototyping

Style Guides are created for the application as a whole to maintain overall consistency and to give the end-users an enhanced experience. The completed screens are prototyped and are readily set for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

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Responsive Front- End Development

On the success of UAT, bulletproof codes are developed to make the application accessible and compatible on multiple devices.

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Our principles

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Experiences that make life easier for the common man

At Arkashya, we believe that complex problems can be solved using the simplest of solutions. Hence, we strive hard with zeal to build user experiences that prove it.

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Easy to adapt interface

Global problems require global solutions. Our User Interfaces can be easily adapted and used by people anywhere on the planet. We believe in providing universal solutions to mankind.

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Reduce Learning Curve

We design and build user experiences that require very minimal adaptation time. Our applications require no additional hours of training and are made to be easily accessible to all, both the techies and non-techies.

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Reduce Cognitive Strain

We create user experiences that simplify complex tasks for all people. We reduce the brainwork and cognitive efficiency required to own and operate our applications.

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