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Are you a business owner aspiring to take your business to the next level? Do you want your products and services to reach a broader range of customers? Do you want to witness a significant increase in the profits your business is making? Then, the time is just right to launch your own mobile application.  

This blog piece will guide you on the importance of launching your own mobile application. We at Arkashya Tech Solution can help you to choose the best mobile app for your business. This makes us the best mobile app development company in Chennai.  

Why does your business need a mobile application? 


Need of mobile app for a  business


Let's dig in a little deeper to understand the need for a mobile app for the growth of any business. 

Brand value  

Launching an exclusive mobile application will make people more aware of your business. People who visit the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store to update or download your competitor's app will eventually spot your application. This way, hybrid mobile app development can attract more potential customers to download your app and check out your products. 

Hence, more people will become aware of your various range of products and services. You can witness enhanced brand value, recognition, and awareness amongst your target audience.  



A mobile application of your own plays a prominent role in earning the trust of your customers. Your existing and potential customers will build an optimistic perception of your brand. It improves the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. This, in turn, helps attract more new customers to check out your brand.  



An exclusive mobile application would make your products more accessible to your customers. They can instantly check the new arrivals, discounts, sales, price drops, and exclusive membership offers on your mobile app. Your prospects can also read and learn more about your products on your app. A well-informed customer is more likely to buy from you than the others. 


Curb cost leakages  

Launching a mobile app for your business will help you save a lot on your expenditure. Once your customers start buying from you directly, you can eliminate the need for paying massive cuts to third-party websites to list your products. Building your mobile application is hence more like a one-time investment.  


Build your customer base 

Building a mobile application from scratch will allow you to customize it. You can design it based on the preferences and expectations of your target audience. Your mobile application will also help you interact directly with your customers through customized notifications.  

Why customizing your mobile application is pivotal?  


Customizing your mobile app

Mobile app customization makes the app user-friendly for your targeted customers. Customizing the app means making it more customer-centric. Let’s now know why this customization is important. 


Brand Guidelines  

Customizing your mobile application will put you in the driver's seat. You can get the job done based on your brand guidelines' fonts and color palettes. If you are a relatively new business in town, you can establish your brand guidelines by designing your mobile app accordingly. 


Stand out of the crowd 

You can make your brand stand uniquely by opting for the custom mobile app development option. Your mobile application will deliver an enhanced user experience to your customers. A brand-new experience will influence them to spend more time on your application.  


Habit building  

Launching a mobile application will take your brand closer to your target audience. Once they find the navigation smooth, they will eventually explore the various features of your application. With periodic notifications, they will keep checking your application out of mere habit.  


Why is it important to choose the right mobile app developer?  


Choose the right app developer

The below-mentioned points will explain the importance of choosing the right app developer for your business. 


Eliminate template designs  

Most mobile app developers deploy readymade templates in the process of app building. By choosing the best mobile app development company in Chennai, you can get your mobile application designed and built from scratch. This will make your app stand out from the crowd.  


Good listeners  

Your mobile app developers must pay heed to your unique needs and preferences. Choose the ones who understand your business requirements well. This will help them customize the features to meet your business aspirations. 


Delivering your dreams  

Launching a mobile app is a significant milestone for every business. Getting the best in the industry on board is pivotal to envisioning your dream app. Arkashya Tech Solution will be a great choice if you are searching for one.  

Arkashya Tech Solution – At a glance 


About us  

We are a digital transformation agency based out of Chennai. We aim to turn businesses of all scales into global brands. We design and build custom mobile applications based on the requirements of our clientele. We also provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions, branding strategy, and website development services for our guests.  


Our team  

Our mobile app development team has a good mix of seasoned professionals and innovative youngsters. Together we have built mobile applications that have gained recognition in the respective industries. Our applications are performing well in the Android and Apple App stores. Our team has helped us grow into the best mobile app development company in Chennai.  


Our clients  

Arkahsya Tech Solution has provided mobile app design and development services for some of the big names in the city. Our customers have witnessed a significant increase in their sales numbers and profit margins after the app launch. Our clients are our brand ambassadors, whose success is a testimony to our experience and expertise in the field.  


Our custom mobile app development process that makes dreams come true  


Steps of mobile app development

Step 1: Strategy  

Step 2: UX/UI design  

Step 3: Development  

- Front-end coding  

- Back-end coding  

Step 4: Quality Check  

- Testing  

- Debugging  

Step 5: Version 1 launch  

Step 6: Support & Maintenace  

Why should you get your application designed by Arkashya Tech Solution?  


Why Choose Us?

Have a look at what makes us the best option for your application designing and development. 


Custom features  

We customize the mobile app features based on the nature of your business. The requirements of an e-commerce application like Meesho or Shopify will undoubtedly differ from an educational app like Vedantu or Toppr. Our app development team is all ears to your requirements. We will deliver an outstanding mobile application that your customers will love.  

Interactive designs  

Nobody loves to spend time on a passive app. A mobile app must be dynamic, attractive, and interactive to serve its purpose. Our UX/UI designers ensure the mobile application has smooth navigation. Our applications are user-friendly and hence can be easily used by both the techies and non-techies.  


Our mobile app development services are incredibly cost-effective. Our growth depends on the growth of our customers. Our track record bears witness to our versatile clientele. From MSMEs to multi-national businesses, we deliver maximum output that matches your budget.  

Timely delivery  

We are like the German train schedule. We are on time every time. We estimate the delivery of the first version of the mobile application precisely. Our work ethic has made this possible. You can count on us not just for the app design but for the launch date as well.  

Seamless integrations  

Our team ensures that third-party applications and extensions like Razorpay or Billdesk seamlessly integrate into your mobile application. With swift and hassle-free payment gateways, provide your customers with an exceptional experience on your mobile application.  

Support & maintenance  

Team Arkashya Tech Solution will be a reliable friend in your success journey. We ensure that periodic maintenance protocols are followed for your mobile applications. We build mobile apps that are scalable and sustainable in the long run. Our apps can be upgraded at any point in time to level up as your business grows.  


Hurry up to avail the best services in town!

Get your exclusive mobile applications built by the best mobile app development company in Chennai. We design, develop and launch your application the way you want it. We take pride in having created some of the most successful and highly interactive mobile applications. We could be a part of your success story too.  

Get us onboard today. For more details, visit our website. Reach out today to our experts for a better tomorrow. 




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1. How are mobile app development services priced? 

We customize not just your application but the prices as well. We will render the quote for your intended mobile application based on your needs and requirements.  


2. What are the various types of mobile apps in the market?  

The mobile apps can be custom-built as Android or iOS applications for smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications that serve the purpose of an e-commerce platform, LMS, Business Suite, Automating Operations, or display of services can be built.  


3. Can you build apps for both iOS and Android apps?  

Our expert team can build custom mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. 


4. How is a cross-platform app different from a native one?  

Cross platforms mobile apps can work on Android and iOS devices, while native applications only work on either platform.  


5. How are the IPR protocols followed during the app development process?  

We follow the NDA and IPR protocols. When the idea of a mobile application originates from the business owner, they automatically become the sole proprietor of that intellectual property.