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Grow Your Brand With The Power Of Social Media| Arkashya Tech Solution

Today’s digital age won’t let you grow without using social media as a potent tool. Companies can connect with their target audience in a personalized setting and give a voice to their brand. Social media personifies a brand, gives it an image, and lets it maintain itself like a human on social media. So, it not only promotes your products and services but provides an excellent chance to dive into the pool of potential customers. The Best Web Marketing Company in Chennai, Arkashya Tech Solution, brings this exhaustive guide to inform you of the strategies and tactics that will improve your brand growth via social media. 

Social Media Advertising Statistics 2023 

The forecast for ad expenditure within the Social Media Advertising market anticipates reaching $1.28 billion by 2023. This spending is likely to exhibit an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 3.76%, leading to an estimated market size of $1.49 billion by 2027. These numbers prove the power of Social Media Advertising and why businesses are relying on this trajectory.  

When a web marketing company formulates an excellent balance between social media ads, channel posting, and more, it can harness its complete potential for businesses. Therefore, choosing a reliable organization to handle these affairs is critical to climbing the mountain of digital success and establishing your brand in the hearts of your target audience.  

Enjoy Explosive Brand Growth With Social Media 

Web Marketing Company in Chennai,

Here’s our recommendation to utilize social media in your favor and boost your brand visibility for the highest sales: 

Strengthen Your Online Presence On The Right Platforms 

Although social media platforms have risen significantly, your business shouldn’t be equally active on all. Choose platforms that resonate with your brand and where you’ll find the most of your target audience. Understanding your target audience, its specifics, and more is a prerequisite to picking the relevant platform. Then, you should follow the guiding principles that strengthen your brand’s presence on the particular platform.  

Create Buyer Personas 

Detailed buyer personas representing your ideal customers will help you understand them better and outline your actions. These specifics include their age, gender, location, job title, pain points, and aspirations. 

Analyze Your Existing Audience 

Use social media analytics to acquire insights into your current followers. Identify trends and preferences to help you tailor your content to your audience. 

Consistent Branding 

Use the same logo, color scheme, and messaging across all social platforms for a unified brand identity. 

Complete Profiles 

Fill out your profiles with accurate business information, including a clear and concise bio, contact details, and website link. 

Engaging Profile Pictures and Cover Photos 

Ensure your social media page is visually appealing, with colors, logos, and icons that represent the best of your brand. 


Make Social Commerce Your Friend 

Shopping features integrated with social media platforms have given a boost to businesses to increase their sales. Social commerce is one step ahead of e-commerce with features like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shops, and Pinterest Buyable Pins. These e-marketplaces allow you to showcase your products and services and facilitate a seamless purchasing experience for visitors. 

  • A hassle-free shopping experience while users scroll social media is a definite plus point that your brand should consider. 

  • As soon as your target audience finds something relevant to their preferences, they can directly add their choices to the cart. Further, push messages and notifications can provoke them to shop on the spot.  

Connecting social media and e-commerce may require professional aid, so choose a well-established and dependable web design agency.  

Infuse Influencer Marketing In Your Strategies 

Influencer collaborations and promotions are an excellent way to take your brand on an elevated chart today. Partnering with influential people who align with your brand and possess the same values gives you broader exposure to your target audience. Further, your brand’s message and awareness amplify when you pick influencers that have cultivated trust and loyalty in the masses.   

  • Their recommendations and endorsements become highly influential because of the love they have earned from their followers.  

  • Thoughtful execution of influencer partnerships can lead to authentic and long-term connections with potential customers, accelerating brand growth. 

  • Instead of followers, consider the engagement numbers on a social media influencer’s channel. You wouldn't want to reach a bot or duplicate followers and harm the organic traffic.  

Thus, relevance, engagement, and several other factors contribute to ensuring a resonating and beneficial partnership with social media influencers for your brand growth. 

Visual Storytelling At Its Finest 

The fast-paced social media world makes capturing human attention and exposing them to your brand challenging. In such cases, it becomes beneficial to incorporate visual storytelling with eye-capturing videos, images, and elements for a creative narration of your brand.  

  • Ensure to keep your content on different platforms resonating with the audience on each channel. 

  • Try to evoke your audience’s emotions so they can strongly connect to your brand’s aim, message, and values. 

  • Show your audience how your brand resolves an issue rather than focusing on selling tactics. 

A renowned video marketing company will ensure the infographics and visual elements effectively appeal to the target user.  

Respond In Real Time And Personalize 

Tailored experiences and real-time responses count to higher engagement, in turn, increasing loyalty towards your brand. So, communicate effectively with your target audience as follows: 

Respond to Comments and Messages 

Always promptly reply to comments on your posts and your followers' messages. Doing so shows that you value their input. 

Host Q&A Sessions 

Periodically host question-and-answer sessions for user inquiries, share these insights, and connect with your audience deeply. 

User-Generated Content 

Encourage your followers to generate content amplifying your brand and share it on their profiles. Repost and acknowledge their contributions. 

Surveys and Polls 

Surveys and polls can aid in gathering feedback and insights from your audience, whose comprehension can shape your content and product offerings. 


Arkashya Tech Solution: Your Ideal Web Marketing Company 

These are a few of the long bundles of strategies Arkashya Tech Solution utilizes to improve their clients’ social media visibility, awareness, and growth chart. While we’re sure these strategies will work wonders for you, we advise you to place your trust in reliable web marketing and growth contenders. Arkashya Tech Solution is the leading web marketing company in Chennai with vast experience and a long list of clients touching the sky of social success and recognition. Arrange a meeting with us to discuss your brand’s prospects by reaching us at Plot No 104, Rajeshwari St, Padmavathy Nagar, Medavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100.   

Also, connect with us on our social presence: 

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1.How Can Arkashya Tech Solution Help Me With My Social Media Presence? 

Arkashya helps its clients surpass the numbers on each social media platform with strategies and tactics that suit every algorithm and resonate with the audience on each platform. 

2.How Does Arkashya Boost My Brand Growth? 

We become the growth catalyst of your business by offering the following: 

  • Enhanced brand awareness 

  • Higher rankings on search engine results page 

  • Better traffic and engagement 

  • Generating leads 

  • Sound promotion tactics 

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